Bucktown Restaurant – Grass fed


Peter Heil


Completely renovate existing restaurant for a new owner and restaurant concept that offers grass fed beef as a main menu item. Create an interior design that will be a distinct branded environment with overall styling that is light and bright. Various distinct areas of dining should be designed within the floor plan. Design a lighting plan that includes various ambient, task and accent lighting. Provide guidance in choosing a color palette, fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, wall tile, floor treatments, and paint colors that create an integrated interior design.


A furniture plan was designed to allow for four specific areas of dining within the open plan that included a bar, front of house dining, a middle area of high top dining and a casual back of house dining setting. A simple color scheme of white on white with accents of a fresh green tone; that took the lead from the restaurant’s name, was incorporated into the restaurant’s interior. Ceiling clouds were hung at 15’ above the finished floor from 20’ ceilings to offer a more human scale environment. Working with vertical intervals of 5’ up to 15’, a rhythm was created throughout the space by utilizing different wall treatments to integrate the space. A beautiful lattice treatment was designed to visually signal the separation between the bar and front of the house towards the middle and rear areas of the restaurant and further worked within the scale and play of vertical heights. Pewter toned accent lighting was selected and companion pieces were installed within the four dining areas to further differentiate these spaces. A completely distinctive and unique branded environment was designed that offered the restaurant clientele various areas for enjoyable dining experiences.

"A visual balance was created with the application of a beautiful airy wall covering found in the entry and middle high top dining area and intervals of bead board were employed throughout the restaurant to give a cohesive look to the overall interior design."

Susan Sissman, Designer