Lake Forest Showhouse


Peter Heil


Design Thorndale Manor’s “Hall of Closets”, originally designated as several small utilitarian areas of function into individual jewel boxes in this historic home by architect Howard Van Doren Shaw. Demonstrate a command for coordinating distinctive color palettes with selections in fine furniture, fabrics and finishes.


The “Main Hall” sets the stage with visual excitement and drama through its blue, black and white palette, which unfolds into three small but distinct areas of high style. The “Bar Room” entertains with a classic red, black and white palette. The “Writing Room” shimmers with opulent turquoise and gold tones to create a dreamy reflective environment. The “Linen Room” is a soothing and an utterly unique monochromatic palette that is surprisingly unexpected. Each area’s decor is enhanced with selections in lavish draperies, lovely wallcoverings and luxurious furniture that supports the stately and formal theme of this stunning manor home.

“Bold graphic statements are created with the interior design as well as complete transformations of space.”

Susan Sissman, Designer